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Federal Tax ID: 83-3684111

501c3 Established: February 22, 2019

Address: 13195 Logan St. Thornton, CO 80241

About the Shane Thurston Foundation

The Shane Thurston Foundation was founded in Feb. 2019, on the principle of providing resources to children, as early as possible, to positively impact their mental health and educational future.  This mission will honor Shane’s initiative of making everyone feel loved and worthy.  His strong aversion to bullying paired with his desire to boost those around him truly founded the idea.

While a child cannot step back and see why they are bullying others, or bullying the teachers by being the class clown or being disruptive, as adults we can see there is more beneath the behavior.  Many times, it can be as simple as not understanding the material being taught, resulting in lower confidence levels and children that cause distractions to avoid facing the reality.  For a child, that reality puts them at risk of being laughed at or teased; so they may act out first to avoid this while not addressing the root cause, lack of understanding.

It is this thought that led the Foundation’s Board of Directors, along with many other loved ones, to start a non-profit whose first initiative would be to provide funds for children in need to gain access to educational programs.  This can assist in the creation of foundational knowledge to be unlocked for those who may need individualized lessons or a different teaching style.  With a stronger base, everything from there is only stronger.

Shane’s Mother feels blessed to have had the ability to send Shane to a 6 week tutoring program outside of school.  The growth from a 4th to an 8th grade math level in just 6 weeks only proved what everyone knew all along, he was very smart, but had gaps in the foundation that needed improvement.  This improvement had a direct correlation to school performance and the frequency of calls home from the school.  The Foundation formed to provide a continuous stream of supporters to assist in children feeling successful at achieving their goals at an even younger age.  Providing access to programs such as these, can help change the trajectory of their educational career.

Board Members

Taylor Richards – President

Board Position: President
Employment: Oil & Gas Industry within the Land Administration Department
Relationship to Shane: Proud Mother
Favorite Memory of Shane: As his mother there are just too many. Every moment with him was a gift and I cherish every one of them. From the way he said “potyickle” instead of “popsicle”, to the way he made everyone feel comfortable when he was around… to the point that many adults would forget they were conversing with a child. The light and laughter he brought with him is missed everyday.

Tiara Karr – Secretary

Board Position: Secretary
Employment: Oil & Gas Industry within the Land Department
Relationship to Shane: I met Shane when he was 3 and I was in college with his mother.
Favorite Memory of Shane: I still remember coming home when I lived with Taylor in college to my overfed fish that had been moved to a “bigger home with more room” which happened to be a cracked tote that let all of the water out.

Angela Hackler – Treasurer

Board Position: Treasurer
Employment: Oil & Gas Industry within the Land Administration Department
Relationship to Shane: I met Shane while working with his mother starting in 2014
Favorite Memory of Shane: I remember driving with Shane and my husband through the mountains playing “would you rather”. His ability to make us laugh was unparalleled. It was often hard to remember we were talking with a child.

Ashley McDowra – Director

Board Position: At-Large Director
Employment: Ocean Freight Coordinator for a Supply Chain Freight Company
Relationship to Shane: Proud Aunt
Favorite Memory of Shane: I love to think back to when we all did an escape room for New Years. Everyone teamed up including Shane and I who worked together to figure out the puzzles. We had a hard time on a few, but we managed to get out of the room and had a blast in the process.

Jeff Webb – Director

Board Position: At-Large Director
Employment: IT – Desk Side Services